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Friday, November 16, 2012

Earnsurfer (and Earnmailer)

I'll start off with a story...  =)

A few days ago I was surprised when I received load in my cell phone when I didn't go and buy any load.  I thought maybe someone made a mistake and loaded my number instead of another number.  I expected I will get a message from the loader telling me he/she made a mistake, but no message came.  I used some of the load.  After all, there's no way I can return it to the loader even if I received a message from them.  The load I got was an ALLTEXT10 from Smart, with 75 All-Net Texts for 1 day.  The day passed and I thought that was that.

Then a couple of days later, I received load again.  Same thing.  ALLTEXT10, from the same loader.  I was puzzled.  Could the loader have made a mistake again?  Wow, I thought, if that loader makes this mistake over and over, his or her business will go down, lol!  =P

Then I checked my email and a lightbulb switched on.  I won it.  The loader (whoever it was) didn't make any mistakes.  I won the load!  =D  I found out when I saw a load confirmation email from Earnsurfer congratulating me that I was one of the winners of P10 load.  Ahhhhhhh!  So that explains it!  =P

I've had Earnmailer for a while, but I started using Earnsurfer just recently. What are they, you ask?

They are ad servers.

Earnmailer puts ads in emails you send.  It appears in the signature area, and every time someone views your email and/or clicks on the ad there, you'll earn (depending on the setting of the advertiser, whether they pay per view or per click).

This is what I was using before, but since I rarely send emails nowadays (IM and chat being the ones used more often), my earnings with Earnmailer has been slow.

A short while ago, I started using Earnsurfer.  It uses the same account as Earnmailer but I only installed the browser add-on recently.  This one puts ads in your browser while you surf, and every time you view or click on the ad, you'll earn (again, depending on the setting of the advertiser, whether they pay per view or per click).

Another thing they show are trivia questions.  And I love trivia questions.  =P They appear every now and then in the ad area and every time you submit a correct answer (it's a two-choice question), you earn a promo entry.  And this is probably how I won load twice now.  =)  Take a look at the following screenshot for the promo details, etc.

The earnings may be slow (at least it is for me, but then again, I have no referrals...), and the minimum cashout is high, but you might still like to try your luck at the promo.  Who knows, maybe you'll be the winner of an iPhone 5! Or if not, winning load isn't so bad.  =P  And even if you don't win, and you find it takes so long to reach cashout, you can still use your earnings to pay for load (this is exclusive for Philippine-based users - check the Claim Load page for available denominations for Smart e-Load, Globe AutoloadMax, and Sun XpressLoad).

So, if you are interested, click on any of these links to join: Earnsurfer or Earnmailer.  Just join one and you'll have an account for both.  =)

Good luck!  =)

I just remembered something that's important to mention...  if you decide to join and install the add-on to your browser, and you do ptc's and traffic exchanges as well, you'll have to disable Earnsurfer while doing those because it interferes with the timers.  What I do is just enable Earnsurfer in my browser again when I'm done with my ptc's and te's for the day.  =)

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