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Monday, November 7, 2011

Random blogspots particularly

Been planning on making this new blog for maybe... more or less a week now.  Finally created this blog yesterday.

Before I did, I was thinking what url I could use.  So I tried googling urls to see if the ones that come to mind already exist.  I tried these first and they were all taken...


...and some others.

It struck me how similar they are.  (Follow the links and you'll see what I mean.)  Did blogspot only have that one template back in the day?  Or could they have been made by the same person?
The first two at least looks like it could have been written by just one person.  The writing style, to me, seems the same even though the authors' names are different.
The third one seems to be by a different person.  It's a he, according to the profile.  But a common thing about these three is that, the blog was apparently abandoned after only one or two posts.  Maybe the author of the third blog was discouraged by the spammy comments?
And the fourth one, well... no posts at all.  So I can't even tell when it was made.

Anyway, I somehow had this wish that, after being abandoned for such a long time, the urls can be made available again.  Hehe.  =P  On the other hand, I wouldn't want that to happen to me in case, for example, because of one reason or another, I become unable to update one of my blogs for more than a year...  But I really would have liked that first url.  =P


  1. Good Luck to this new blog Sis! and also thank you for dropping by at my home blog! Have a great day! :)