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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A tv sitcom and an old blog post.

As usual, I was half-watching the tv earlier today while doing work online.  And I just found it a bit funny that one of the things that came up there was something I wrote about in one of my other blogs before.

I can't remember the title of the show.  Toda Max, maybe?  Or something like that.  It's a sitcom on a local tv station.  It stars Robin Padilla who plays the role of a single dad.  At one point, he was helping his son with homework by telling him the names of the nine planets in the solar system.  But the son says Pluto is not a planet anymore, and the dad asks, 'says who?'  And then the boy's older sister concurs and tells the dad that Pluto is not considered a planet anymore, but a megastar...

Ehm.  Ok.  So, obviously that last part is inaccurate.  It's part of the punch line.  Megastar is the showbiz title of another local celebrity.  And the dad was saying there is only one megastar, and that is Sharon Cuneta. 

I just found it amusing that the subject came up, and I remembered my old blog post.  And I thought, well that's really going to be the reaction of parents around my age when a similar situation comes up.  Reclassification of planets isn't exactly something we keep ourselves updated about.
However, for those who know, saying Pluto is now a 'megastar' is stretching it a bit too much just to make a punch line.  =P  But then again, maybe it's not that important.  Those who are interested enough will go and find out more, and they'll figure out that 'megastar' is not Pluto's new classification. 

Anyway.  So that's my random thing for today.   =)

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